Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Measuring in Room 12

J was being very careful to begin his measuring from the base line.

We were working out how many beans fit on a ruler.

Some of us were working out how many cubes fit on our paper.

We remembered not to leave gaps or overlap any of the cubes.

We made a guess of how many cubes would fit on our piece of paper before we began to lay the cubes down carefully.

"I think it will be more than 10 beans long"
"I was very careful to lay my cubes out carefully without gaps in between."

We found out that T was 4 rulers long.  Can you remember how many beans fitted onto the ruler?
Remember it was 14+14+14+14=    ?

"I think I will need all these to cover my reader"

Mrs C stood on her chair to take this photo.  

Art Deco Day at school

What a lot of dashing students we have in Room 12. Snazzy Dazzy dressers!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Introducing some of our Clever Writer's

I feel happy when I see sparkling fireworks in the dark.  I like the colours of the fireworks.

By Claudia

I am happy when I am with my cousin because we go down to my Grandparents place.  We play in the games room and then we go and pick lemons and flowers.

By Sophie H

I feel happy when I ride the kayaks.    I bumped into Austin.  When we bumped into each other we tipped out!

By Oliver

I feel happy when I play with my kitten Possum because she is playful and very good at climbing.  She is also good at jumping.

By Angus

I feel happy when I play with my Dad because we play rouugh and I jump on my Dad and he tackles me.

By Troy

I felt happy when my brother came back from hospital.  Caleb had a kidney infection.  Every lunch he had ice cream and jelly to eat.

By Ayden

I feel happy when I golf at Golfland's Driving range, play mini golf or have a 9 hole game.  It is amazing and even more incredible with Nanny and Grandad.

By Evan

I feel happy when I was kayaking with my friend Oliver.  I enjoyed bumping into Oliver and he tipped over.

By Ausin

Welcome to Room 12 - 2014

Introducing the lovely Room 12 - 2014.
(Photo to come)