Monday, November 23, 2015

Making Grass Haired People with Room 9

Last week we joined Room 9 to do some planting........some grass growing

We made little people with hands and feet and faces.  We filled our plastic containers with stones and potting mix.

Then we added grass seed.....and then waited and waited.....

10 days  later this is what they look like!

Calling Mr Gray to the rescue!

Last week Kate brought a coconut into school to share with the class......but we had a problem how were we going to break it open.

Calling Mr Gray to the rescue with his tools!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Market Day with our Buddy Class

Last Friday our class were invited to our Buddy class Room 2's Market Day.  

The market was set up in the hall.  We all brought some coins along to buy some goodies.

Well done Room had so many yummy bits to look at and buy.....we were so excited to join you.

Thanks for inviting us!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Show Me -Millie, Freddie, Mischa and Alfie

Look at this cute little video these children made with Miss Elliott showing how they used the app 'adobevoice' to explain their procedural writing.
Miss Elliott has taught Mrs C how to use this clever app.

Volcano explosion with Mrs Mack

Last Wednesday Mrs Mack showed us how to make a volcano....we were doing Procedural Writing.   We watched carefully and then as a class discussed the steps.

Here are some photos

 Add the baking soda
 Then the dish liquid

 Then the vinegar

 Watch it explode!
 A chemical reaction! 

Watch and listen to Mischa, Alfie, Freddie and Millie's Show Me