Thursday, July 31, 2014

Winter Poems by Room 12 children.

Aydan Belcher

Jack Sloane

Cordayne Tuapea

Melissa Williams

Harri Turnbull

Oliver Kersjes

Sophie Hansen

Austin McDougall

Angus Scott

Linkin Lenden-Tawhai

George Chambers

Sally Drury

Sophie Cammock

 Troy Kronfield

Zara McGillicuddy

Nastacia Gaylard

Evan Wiltshire

Michaela Marsden

Claudia Patel-Gaunt

Chelsea Pailthorpe

Lucas McIntryre

Emma Rimmer

Joseph Duff

Mikayla Hardie

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

wow another birthday cake

Imagine what I thought when this was presented to me this morning....2 amazing birthday cakes. Never ever have I felt so spoilt.
This little lass in my room has a very kind and clever Mum.  
We had such fun eating our yummy cupcakes.
"Can we try them soon?"

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mrs Chapman got spoilt on her birthday!

These clever children wished me HAPPY BIRTHDAY using the Lego blocks.

So spoilt....this darling girl's mum made me a beautiful birthday cake.
It was delicious too.....we cut it this afternoon and we licked our lips, YUM YUM!

Dear Room 12 children and parents,
I think I may have had the best birthday ever.
So spoilt with chocolate, flowers, baking and cards.
Thank YOU!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fun with our Room 9 visitors!

Today Room 9 came to work with us in our class.
We have been discussing camouflage in our classroom.

We decided to make some insects - 1 that could be camouflaged in our playground.....and 1 that would be more difficult to hide.

We had brilliant fun making our insects.

Miss Mawley, Mrs C and Mrs White were very busy with the old glue gun!

We had a huge variety of bits and pieces out of Mrs C's and Miss Mawley's it was a treasure trove of bits and pieces!

When we had finished making our insects we decided to go try our insects out.
Would they  be easy to camouflage?

We had turn about....half the class hid their insects and then the other half went out with the ipads as insect detectives.

Some were easy to spy!

While others were a little more difficult!

Perhaps this insect should have been hidden somewhere a little greener!

Two very easy ones to spot! 

Not this insect though!

Mikayla did you hide both your insects together?

Here's a nosey little insect!

This insect looks a bit tired....

Great idea to hang your yellow insect from the yellow jungle gym.

Wow that insect looks so real!

Easy to spot...or difficult?

Look closely....

Ahah!  I can see it!

Fallen over!

Green on green...

Thanks Room 9...we had a super time.