Monday, November 25, 2013

Well done Jamie

Fantastic Jamie!  You have become a settled and hardworking boy in Room 12.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Our little helper Oliver!

Who is this little man who visits Room 12 so often?  Could it be Hamish's little brother Oliver?
He seems to be having a snuggle up with our Superstar ....he is a friend of all our class members.

Congratulations Hamish!

Congratulations Hamish on receiving the Principal's award at assembly last Friday.
Your maths knowledge is very pleasing.
We love how you can explain your thinking so clearly.
Way to go Hamish!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Tired Boys after a big day at Atletics!

Cuddled up in the bus on the way home.  Nice and quiet!

Cheeky Kalani and Cheeky Aiden.  Were you just pretending?

Have you ever seen these boys so sleepy?

Mrs Chapman sure hasn't?

Fionn was very sleepy and quiet sitting beside me on the bus also.  

What a fantastic day at Athletics.  But we are pooped and all just a little sunburnt.

Congratulations to Fionn

We'll done Fionn on receiving the Principals award for Week 3.

Here is Fionn's beautiful poem.  Are you impressed?  This is why he got the Principal's award.  
You blew us away with your clever words!

How do I know that winter has gone?  
I know because the strong wind blows against my face and flowers are bursting open in the garden.
All of a sudden I hear spring tiptoeing across my lawn. Quickly I go outside but no one is there.
WOW!...look at those beautiful flowers she's left.
GOSH ! she is as fast as a lightning strike.
I love spring !         
She is a busy lady.