Saturday, June 30, 2012

Congratulations to Miss Emelia

  Happy Birthday Emelia!  Hope the party on Friday afternoon with your friends was lot's of fun.  What a busy and exciting week you have had Natasha.  Mum told me you moved up a swimming group also this week. Wow- you have been working so hard. No surprise to us all that you also were chosen for Room 1B's Principal's award. WAY TO GO EMELIA!

Such a lot of cute little slippers!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bubble Poems we did with Mrs Mack

BUBBLES                                                   Bubbles
Rotating                                                        Gliding
Gliding                                                          Silently
Smoothly drifting                                          Glistening
Silent mirror turning,                                     Colours
Reflecting colours,                                        Golden,
Peaceful, clear, golden.                                 Bubbles.
Silently floating,
Precious,magical,                                                     by Bella
Golden globe,
Shiney blue,

   By Robert Herring

Gliding,                              Spinning,                            Blowing gently,
Sparkling,                          Singing,                                 Gliding smoothly,
Shining,                             Zooming,                            Turning silently,
Drifting,                             Smashing,                              Popping
Colourful,                           Bursting,                            Reflecting,
BUBBLES                            Liquid                                    Shining clearly,
                                          Bubbles                              Peacefully turning,
By Aidan                                         By George                 Bubbles.

                                                                                    By Isabella

Fizzing good time with our Buddy Class K3

Wow that ginger beer went for miles! We all  got sticky ginger beer hair! Lot's of fun. Many thanks K3 for joining us.

Finally we got to get together with our Buddy class K3!  We wanted to share the last of the ginger beer we had made.  Mrs C thought it might be very bubbly but we weren't quite expecting this!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Victoria Leigh - Week 9's Principal's award recipient.

Congratulations Victoria!  You are making such pleasing progress with your maths.  We just love that 'I can do it' attitude you have.
Tino pai Vicky.  We are proud of you!

George Bengston- Week 8's Principal Award recipient.

Wow George!  We are proud of you.  You have been working so hard in Room 1B.  Keep up that great attitude!

Nick Cater - Principal's award Week 7

Well poor Nick - you have had to wait awhile for this to be posted on our blog.  We had a few technical problems.  This is actually a re-enactment of the event because we couldn't retrieve the original photo.  Thanks Mr Bremer, and thanks Nick for your patience.  CONGRATULATIONS!