Saturday, April 13, 2013

2 Clever children received the Principals award this week!

Congratulations Kaitlin!  You are such a clever little girl in Room 12.  You listen so carefully and enjoy being challenged.
You are a star!

ALSO Congratulations to:
Congratulations Aiden - we love how you are listening carefully in class to instructions.  Well done we are proud of you!
Do you think Aiden looks pleased with himself?  So you should to Aiden - you have been trying so hard with your learning. Tino pai!

Baking in Room 12

We had to cream the butter and sugar together.  It took quite awhile to become soft and creamy.
"The butter was quite hard when we started"
We all took turns to mix because it was tiring on our arms.
"Wow our arms were getting tired"
Look at  those children concentrating so well. They were listening and watching and helping 
so carefully!
We had to use our knowledge of fractions to work out how much butter, flour, sugar, eggs,chocolate chips, coffee and vanilla essence we needed to make our biscuits.
We did an excellent job because the biscuits were yum!
What a smile!
Wow you have worked hard to cream that butter and sugar girls.
Chocolate buttons to go in the centre of our biscuits.
What careful measuring Caitlin.
Raewyn helped us to bake our biscuits up in the staffroom.
Can you see all the ingredients laid out on the table that we needed to make the biscuits?

Kalani is reading out the recipe to his group.  I think that is Mr Kinsey in the background.  Is he hoping to get a biscuit.

What a beautiful but cheeky grin!
Harry and Gus doing a spot of chatting and mixing.
Wow Harry that looks hard work!
Ged and the boys doing fair sharing...our fraction work.  1 whole piece of dough shared into 5 parts.  Then we divided our 1 piece of dough into 3 cookies.  We were able to make 15 cookies altogether.  
Look at my little biscuit!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Week 9 - Toby

Toby - you are such a diligent little boy in Room 12.  You are settled and focused at all times.  Way to go Toby!

Week 7 - Congratulations Tom

Well done Tom!  You have been working so hard in class.  We just love this conscientious attitude.  

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mutliplication and Division in Room 12

Here is Charlie working out the numbers he has to put on his number line.  "I like how you remembered to put the arrows on either end of your number line.  Great listening."  
Amazing Tom!  All that working out on your whiteboard.  Clever maths thinking.  

Charlie and Eve used the number line to check if 6x6 really did equal 36 like they had worked out.
Kaitlin had to go and show all her workings to Mrs Burrough.  Do you think Mrs Burrough was impressed?  We do - she gave Kaitlin 3 wonderful stickers!