Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Poor Hudson

Look at poor old HudSon. He walked into the gate and bumped his head.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Cross country practise

Here is a few photos of some Room 1B children training for our big day tomorrow!

Some excellent writing from Room 1B

What was that loud bang? It really woke me up.  Room's 11 and 12 are getting smashed.  I see concrete crumbling. I can't see through all that rubble and dust.  I hear wood cracking and bricks thumping.  I feel the ground shaking under my feet.  What is all that rubble doing there?  My sister had to move classrooms.  No more Rooms 11 and 12!

By Nick Cater

That noise is like thunder - what is happening?  I can see doors getting pulled apart.  I hear buildings tumbling.  I feel really annoyed because they're taking the classrooms down.
What a mess!

By Coltyn

Why are they pulling down Room's 11 and 12?
I see people surrounding it to see what is happening.  I hear loud banging and crashing.  I feel scared and frightened.
Wow! What a big hassle. So much mess to still clean up.

By Emelia

Bang crash goes Room 11 and 12 as it smashes into pieces. I can hear big noises and things smashing.  The big diggers are demolishing the classrooms.  I smell dust.  I see a lot of mess.  Gosh I have never seen such a sight like this before.

By George.

Smash, bang, bang!  Why are there diggers by old Rooms 11 and 12.  What is happening?  There's engines rumbling , bricks falling, broken glass.  It's so like a new school now.
Just two weeks ago Mrs Gill was working in Room 11....but now her old room has been demolished.

By Summer

Look I can hear some rumbling noises coming from old Room's 11 and 12.  I wonder what's up.  I can't believe that old Room 11 and 12 are becoming rubble - because all I can see is rubble, rubble nothing but rubble.  I can also hear wood, bricks, concrete and metal breaking apart on the ground.  I feel nervous because when it is all gone what will be left?  It's silent now.  I think it's silent because all the construction gear has gone !

By Robert

Builders, diggers.  I wonder why they are there?  Wow I see the classrooms getting smaller as they work.  When I went past the classrooms at playtime.  I saw aan amazing site! The big tall classrooms turned into a big pile of crumbled concrete.  Old wood and smashed glass.  Oh my, that was a big process.

By Taylar

Soccer with Grant Monday August 27th

Very chilly morning! Great way to keep warm with a friendly game of soccer.Lots of fun!

Summer's surprise

Summer received the Principals award for Week 6. Congratulations-you are a settled and conscientious member of Room 1B. Well done, we are proud of you!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Room8's dance performance

We were invited to the hall today to watch Room 8 do their dance practise.  They will perform for the whole school this Friday August 24th at school assembly at 9.00a.m.  WAY TO GO ROOM 8!  WE WERE IMPRESSED WITH YOUR SKILLS.

What's happening?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Henry Wiggins-Crowe! Stand up and take a bow!

Congratulations Henry on receiving the Principal's award in Room 1B.  We love how you contribute in class discussions. You have such great ideas - and your classmates enjoy your suggestions.  Keep up the great attitude! 

Cameron Easte - Principal's Award Recipient Week 2 Term3

Congratulations to Cameron who received the Principal's award at the end of week 2.  We have had a few hiccups with the photo to attach to this comment!  Watch this space!

Cameron you are such a clever and interesting person to have in Room 1B!  You are a wealth of information - and enthrall us with your wide general knowledge!
Way to go Cameron!

My Animoto Video

My Animoto Video

My Animoto Video

Soccer Skills with Grant Hastings.  Here are some photo's of Room 1B at their first session with Grant Hastings.  Unfortunately it was raining and we had to use the hall.  Lots of fun though all the same!
(Check out our animoto slideshow above)