Thursday, May 31, 2012

Week 6 Oral Presentations

Taylar talked about her Family's
Treasured Item which is her little
brother Cole.
Rachel shared about her special grinder
all the way from the Czech Republic.
Tim told us about his sister's
cuddly bear.  She was born
in New Zealand and this bear
has been living with them in
Holland for 12 years!
Cam showed us a very old and
special fishing rod which is over
80 years old.
This was Hudson's Mums special toy
which her brother gave her when she
was a little girl.
Mr Wright and Huia came to visit
just as Nick was about to tell us about
his Great Grandfather the band conductor.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Week 5 Oral Presentations

Well done Imogen - you spoke clearly.
Lily shared her Grandma's special spoons.
Hanna showed us her dinky little tea set.
George shared about his Granny Jan's special rugby book.
Reuben talked about his Grandma's special Cameo brooch.

Wow Mili put so much effort into her presentation.  Excellent visuals Mili!
This special ladybird cushion came all the way from England
and was sewn by Rebecca's Nana.
Robert shared wonderful information about his scottish kilt pin.
Victoria talked about her Great Grandad .
Harriet explained how her parents decided on the name Millbrook.
Wow Samuel showed us his special family treasure - it was his Grandads rugby cap.
Great Grandma Ethel's photo and special treasure chest.
Bella shared with us about her great Uncle's shield and  sword.

Coltyn had a photo of his Grandma's Old Villa called Brenchley House.
He had a clever way of presenting his information.
Aidan showed his special Treasured Items.
James shared his family's special peanut biscuit recipe. (His Great Granny's recipe)
 We were spoilt as his Mum made us some biscuits using the recipe. Wow
they were the best peanut biscuits Mrs C has ever tasted!
16 of our class have already presented their Treasured Item talk to the class.  Here are some photos.  We have been wowed away with all the interesting and precious things that have made their way into Room 1B in the last week.  Take a peek....

Friday, May 25, 2012

James Downing - Principal award recipient Week 5 Term 2

  Well done! James - You did a fantastic Oral Presentation to the class this week.  You held your head high and presented your information with confidence.  It was obvious that you had put time and effort into preparing your talk. We just loved how you had made Granny's peanut biscuits with your Mum and brought them along to share with us.
"Without a doubt they were the best peanut biscuits ever.  So so Yum!"  

Friday, May 18, 2012


Look at this Bella - you guys are probably still in assembly and I am home at my house in Hastings posting your picture on our blog just minutes after you received the award.  Lovely Mrs Duligall emailed me your photo from her I pad!  Isn't technology an amazing thing!
Congratulations my little friend BELLA!
Mrs Mack, Mr Wright and me all agree you deserve this award.
We just love your are flying high!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Granny Jan is such an amazing helper!


George's lovely granny Jan comes to school to help out Room 1B on a Tuesday and Thursday morning. Look what we have been doing...yes some sewing!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Congratulations to Rachel

Well done Rachel! That was fantastic that your Mum and Dad and little sister Sophie were there at Assembly to see you receive your reward.  You have a fantastic attitude in class.  Way to go Rachel!

A snapshot of what has gone on in Week 3

Well done!  Look at all those gold bars in your Mathletics.

Henry showed us his Great Uncle's War Medals.

Wow!  The ginger beer process!


We  have been busy doing sewing with Nick's Nana Lorraine and George's Granny Jan.
Nick playing the guitar to Aaron.  Aaron didn't want him to stop!

Mr. O'keeffe came to speak to us at Assembly at the end of Week 2.  Here he is on stage helping Mr Bremer to

 give out awards.   Harriet won an Ipod for selling the most chocolates in our Fund raising competition.  Way to go Harriet

         We made scones on Friday with Mr Wright.  They were yum.  We all made 1 each in our own little bowl.  We even made butter out of cream to spread on them.

Mr Wright playing Nick's guitar.  I wonder if Spiderman is enjoying it?
All the Ginger Beer is bottled now.  4 Bottles  from Batch 1 and 9 bottles from Batch 2.  Cross fingers its going to be bubbly!

Can you work out who is who?  Lots of great costumes on Friday for the finale of Book Week.
Well done Room 1B children!  You looked amazing!