Thursday, June 9, 2016

Wonderful Jump Rope Writing

On Friday me and the class went out for Jump Rope for Heart.   

*childrent laughing and listening.
*Mum's and Dad's helping children.

Jump jump jump...Jump everyone without stopping!

By Matthew

On Friday I was tired because it was Jump Rope for Heart:

.  body sweating.
.  heart vibrating.
.  sun shining.
.  wind blowing.
.  children having a go.
.  never giving up.
.  parent's helping.
.  ropes getting tangled.
.  parents taking blurry photos.

It was a very hot day!

By Caden

Jump Jump Jump...It's Friday...oh such a lovely day for Jump Rope for Heart.

. kids having so much fun.
.  music blaring.
.  parents cheering for their kids.
.  feet moving.
.  heart beeping and bursting...trying to get out!

I had a wonderful day.  I love skipping.

By Felix

Me and the class went to the turf to do Jump Rope for Heart...and it was timefor.....

.  ropes smacking.
.  children trying their best.
.  ears listening.
.  parents cheering.
.  music pumping.

I had the best birthday because it was Jump Rope for Heart on the same day.

By Juliet

On Friday we all met on the turf for Jump Rope for Heart:

.hearts vibrating, pumping,beating.
. ears listening.
.arms turning and circling.
.feet hopping and jumping.
.ropes spinning, moving, flying, stopping and hurting.
. children laughing, trying very hard, counting, helping and thinking.
. music vibrating blaring, beating.
.parents watching, cheering, laughing, taking photos and encouraging.

My favourite skipping is the IN and OUT!

By Larissa

Jump Rope for Heart

On Friday
 the 3rd January our whole school took part in the Jump Rope for Heart programme.

All the Year 2's went out at 12:30pm and skipped for 30 minutes non-stop!

That was a big job for us....we were puffed by the end!

Well done Room 8 and the rest of the school for their big skipping effort!

I hope we raised lots of money for this wonderful cause.