Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Some more great shots of Room 12 children practising for Cross country

Te Atawhai -way to go!
Aiden you are looking so strong!
Joanne - you look so determined!
Wow Charlie - you made it around twice!
Hey boys watch out!  Mr Kinsey is trying to catch up on you!
Such a determined little Yr 2 girl...way to go!

Cross Country Practise

"Go Xiarn!"

What a huge effort Kaitlin!

Well done Zack!

Hey there Gus...what's up?

Way to go Caitlin, Claudia and Becs!  My wonderful Year 2 girls!

Our new boy Hamish giving it a good go!

Hey Aqua you are looking the wrong way!   Well done you were running so well.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Pizza Stories

We made boxes and aprons and then we walked to Pipi.   At  Pipi we flattened the dough with our hands or a rolling pin.I put tomato paste then thick ham and pineapple. Then it got cooked in the oven. One of the parents carried the pizza to the tables. Then we ate it. Pipi's pizza  is the best.
By Hadley

We rolled the dough into a big circle. we put spreadings on top of the pizza. Then we cooked it in the oven for 4 minutes. Later the pizzas were cooked and we had a yum lunch.
Yah!  we are going to Pipi. I am ready for this.  First I decorated the box.After that I made an apron. Now we are  going to Pipi. At pipi 
we did a... work sheet and it had fractions on it.Then we made the pizza. I made meat lovers. It was yum! Also smelt yum!
By Eve

What a blast I had such a good time at pipi's.We all started with a test or a work sheet.Then first for the pizza we started with the dough which was sort of hard to do but I managed to do it.Then I came to the topping's.I first put tomatosouce on and then chese.Then it was time to put in the oven.Soon it was time to eat.Chris and Alex are the best!


On Thursday we went to pipi pizza. We had to push the dough until it is wide enough. Then we put toppings on it. I put on ham,cheese,pineapple and pizza sauce .Then Chris put it in the oven I smelt steaming crispy pizza. Then I tasted it. It tasted YUM!

 by Xiarn