Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Art Deco Lads and Lasses

On Friday we were able to dress up in our ART DECO clothes.

The Great Cover Up

We have been learning about area.

We placed our shoes closely to fill up all the space.

Careful placing side by side.

We were able to cover the newspaper with our books.  We could fit 4 across and 7 down.
We used our skip counting to find out how many 4x7=

We found it hard to fill up the gaps because the scissors were oddly shaped.

 Great teamwork here girls.  You were filling up all the spaces cleverly.
The white board was just a little bit bigger!

Our pencil containers?

 Look 4 certificates fit on the top of this plastic container.

 Teamwork  AGAIN!

This  was difficult and took lots of time.  The paper was too light and kept moving.  

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How many Children fit on our mat?

 We found we could fit 14  children lying down on our mat close to one another.

We tried hard to lie close to one another to avoid gaps!

We have 23 children in our room - so we know 14 is alot smaller than 23....so we could not fit our whole class on the mat lying down at one time.

So we had to get the rest of the children to lie on our 2nd mat.....but then we had a big space left!

How many children  did we need to borrow to fill up the 2nd mat.
We had 9 on the 2nd mat.....
How much smaller is 9 than 14?
Hugh said "We can work that out by saying 9 and how many more make 14?
WE used a number line to work out that the difference is 5 less.

Clever Gyle said..."We would have to have 28 children in our class to fill up the space on both of our mats....because I know that 14+14=28"

Saturday, February 14, 2015


We have been working on the math strand
MEASUREMENT and AREA for the past 2 weeks.  Here are some photos of our class applying our knowledge.

Clever Ted solved our problem.....our problem was that we had run out of vivids to find the length around all 4 sides of our mat.(This is called the perimeter)
TED said   "Because we know the long side is 26 pens and the shorter side is 18 pens... all we have to do is add them together and then double our answer"
So this is what we did... We found out that the answer was double 44...
Mrs C  showed us how we could use straight line Luke's to add 44 and 44 together.
WE discovered that it would take 88 vivid pens matched end to end to measure around the edge of our class mat!


Room 12 children have been sharing their 'ME BAGS' with their classmates.

Welcome to Room 12