Friday, June 21, 2013

Congratulations Zach

Congratulations Zach on receiving the Principal's award at assembly today.  You are such an industrious wee worker in Room 12.  Your English is improving very quickly.  
We love your kind and conscientious attitude Zach!
We are proud of you Zach!  Keep up that amazing work.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Omni-gym poems

Wow Kaitlin!
I jumped into the foam pit,  legs squashed, head swaying.
I climbed the rope, arms pulling, legs pushing.
I pulled on the rings, arms stretching, arms pulling.
I swung on the bars, arms swaying, hands clasped.
I jumped on the beat box, legs bent, knees tucked up to my body.
I love the omni-gym!

                                       By Kaitlin     

Monday, June 17, 2013

Omni-gym session 3

Omni-gym session 3

Look at that will you!

Wow Hadley ...that is impressive.  You were the only one to make it right to the top.  What a strong and determined boy you are!

We are guessing Isabella that you are having a lot of fun....are we correct?

Who is this little monkey pulling himself up the rope!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Our Pet descriptions

   Ollie is the only cat I’ve ever had.  Ollie is new and very special because he is the cutest cat I’ve ever seen.
   Ollie is three months old.  He is light grey with white paws that look like he has been walking in the snow.  His whiskers look like tiny jungle vines.
   Ollie is funny because he is cheeky, curious and companionable.  He is naughty because he always eats my breakfast before me.
   We got Ollie from the S.P.C.A and I love him!

By Nicole

   Syris is a dog.  He is 5 years old and he is special to me because he lives with my Uncle and Aunt who I like to visit.
   Syris is brown with a tail like a tree stump. He is a guard dog.
   Syris can balance a tennis ball on his nose and then pop it up and catch it in his mouth.  He also understands some words like ‘sit’ and ‘wait’ and ‘sit on your bed’.
   I love Syris – he is a smart dog!

By Hadley

Pinochio is the smallest of the ponies.  I am so happy that I have a pony like Pinochio.
   Pinochio has fluffy ears with pink little spots on them.  He has grey fluffy fur.  He is 24 years old.
   Pinochio is annoying because when I’m riding him he has a bad habit of eating grass.
    Pinochio lives in a paddock with some big horses.
  I love Pinochio because he is beautiful.

By Isabella

   My dog is called Louie and he is the only dog in the family and he is 2 years old.
   Louie is fluffy and soft and he is also really cute and cuddly.  He is brown and he has sharp claws.
   Louie is clever because when he hears the clicker he comes inside and gets a treat.
   Louie’s favourite place to sleep is on Nana’s bed.
   I love Louie!

By Caitlin

   My cat’s name is Bubbles.  She is the 8th cat that we have had.
   Bubbles has a little white dot on her neck.  The rest of her body is black.  She is fluffy and she has invisible whiskers.
   Bubbles always scratches me and bites me.  She jumps up on the wall.
   Even though Bubbles is annoying I still love her.

By Harry

   Pearl is the only dog left with me.  She is the only dog remaining as my other dog Charlie died at the beginning of the year.
   Pearl is two and a half years old.  She is black with two circles of gold on her.
   It is amazing how fast she is – she is as fast as lightning.  Once she tripped over her rope she was playing with and did a roly-poly.
   Pearl is so cute!

By Tom

My cat’s name is Evie.  We got her when she was a kitten.  Evie is only two years old.
   Evie has green eyes, dark grey fur, white white paws that look like socks.
   Evie is scared of the plugs and she tries to attack them.
   Evie sleeps on our beds but she likes to sit on the doorstep in the sun even more.
   Evie is the best cat!

By Mia

   Gucci is my Nana’s cat.  He is 10 months old.  He is the first pet I’ve ever had.
    Gucci has black spots on his face.  One paw is black and the other paws are grey.  She has long whiskers.
   Gucci is clever, she can climb up big, huge trees and can jump to high places.
   Gucci’s favourite place is by the fire and she sits on the big white chair.
   I like to visit my Nana’s cat.

By Becs

 Coco is the only cat that we have.  Coco is very special to me because we just got her and she is a little kitten.
   Coco is soft, grey, white and brown.   She is very cuddly.  She is about 4 months old.
   She climbs extremely high trees and she has very very sharp claws.
   I love my new kitten.

By Thomas

   My cats name is Dennis.  He is the only cat in the house.
   He has green twinkling eyes, black paws with blobs of brown, dark chocolate fur with white speckles.  He has long snakey whiskers.
   He catches rats and birds and bring them inside.  He also licks my dog on the face.
   I love Dennis, but he is quite annoying.

By Kaitlin


My cat’s name is Millo.  It is a girl.
She is not the only girl in the family.
   Millo is three years old.  She is dark black.  Her ears are sticky up ears.  She is very cuddly and playful.
   My cat always chases her tail and runs around in circles until she gets dizzy.
   I love Millo.

By Toby


 My dogs name is called Bolt.  He is special to me because he is the only pet still alive in my family.
   Bolt has short white hair and a soft small voice.  He has blue eyes, sharp claws and small paws.
   Bolt is so clever.  He can jump 46cm high.  Bolt can also jump over a big rock.
   I love Bolt!

By Xiarn


Blacky is special to me because she lives at my Nan’s.  When I stay I like to play with her.
   Blacky is small and dark.   She has black eyes, and smooth white on her legs.  Blacky has a fluffy back.  She is 4 years old.
   Nan’s cat is clever because she can jump over rocks and she can jump on my Nan’s car.
   I love Blacky.  She is cute.

By TeAtawhai

 Ollie is the only cat I have had.  My family had him before I was born.  He is so special to our family.
    Ollie is fluffy, white, black and brown and weighs not much.  He has blue eyes.  He is soft and is a big ball of fluff.
   He loves to sleep in my bed with me and loves to play with a piece of string.  When I hold it up he jumps up high to catch the string.
   Ollie makes me laugh.

By Zoe

Stage Fighter is my chook.  She is special to me because she is very brave and she is only 10  weeks old.
    Stage Fighter is golden with a brown head and tail.  She has clogged up claws.
   Me and my chook Stage Fighter (who is very brave) have mini sword fights and one time he won.
   The most annoying thing is that she flaps around in my face and it hurts me – but I still love her.

By Gus

   I don’t have a pet but my neighbour has one and I love Tigger.  Tigger is a dog.
   Tigger is covered with white soft fluffy fur.  He has also got black round eyes and he is a big ball of fluff- which is just like my hair!
   Tigger is curious and peaks around the corner.  He wags his tail when he is happy and excited.  He waits patiently at the door.  He sleeps in a basket by the kitchen door.
   I am sad that we don’t have a pet but fortunately our neighbour does.  Tigger is very special to me.

By Charlie    7/6/13

My pets name is Doggy and I had to leave him in the Phillipines when we moved to New Zealand.
   He is brown and he has white feet.  They are soft.  He is five years old and he has eyes that are circles.
   My pet can jump on a big rock.  When he is angry my dog bites slippers.
   I miss my dog.  He lives with my Uncle now in the Phillipines.

By Zach


 My dog is called Nellie.  She is special to me because she has been in my family all my life.
   Nellie has blue eyes and brown fur.  Her tail flops down.  She is big.
   Nellie is funny and I love her.

By Claudia

   My dogs name is Girl.  She is the only dog that lives in the house.
   She is black and white.  Her eyes are brown and she has soft fur.  She is 4 years old.
   She sometimes eats the mail.  She loves to rip paper and plastic too.  Sometimes she even takes Jo-Jo’s shoes – his favourite ones.
   I love Girl because she is part of the family.

By Joanne

   Georgie is my cats name.  She is a girl.  Georgie is special because she is quite old in cat years.  She is 97!
    Georgie has three different colours which are brown, white and grey.  She looks like a big ball of fluff.  She has sharp claws and long whiskers.
  It is funny when Georgie runs because her floppy tummy goes from side to side and makes my family laugh.
   I love Georgie.

By Eve

My cats name is Ginnie.  She is 6 years old.
   Ginnie isn’t so fast – she is slow.  She looks like ginger fluff.  She looks so fluffy and orange.  Ginnie looks like a ball when she wraps herself up to go to sleep.  Ginnie has green eyes and is greedy.
   The most annoying thing about Ginnie is when she claws the carpet and Mum gets angry.
   I like Ginnie because she is cute and she is in our family.

By Aiden

   My pets name is Cheek.  In South Africa his name was Snipy.  We got him from a pet shop.  He was a hamster.
   He had sharp little claws.  He was cute, soft and had a shiny coat.  He was only a little hamster and it’s nose was pink.
     Snipy and me played together.  Sometimes I accidentally squeezed him too hard.
   I miss my Hamster!

By Hanrich

My cat is called Poppy.  Poppy is special to me because she is never annoying.
She is 2 years old.
   Poppy is grey and white and soft.  She has green eyes. Sometimes she scratches herself and has to wear a cone around her neck.
   My cat is clever because when I turn on the disco ball Poppy tries to chase the red light.  She can even open the door with her paws.
   Poppy used to sleep on Mum and Dads bed, but now she sleeps on the floor.
   I love Poppy!

By Jemma   7/6/13

My pet is called Poppy.  Poppy is the only dog in the house.  We got Poppy on my Dad’s birthday.
   Poppy is black with green eyes.  She has very curly and soft fur.  Her whiskers are little and sharp.
   Sometimes Poppy can catch a Frisbee.
   She makes me laugh when she chases her tail.
   Poppy sleeps anywhere, but she likes my bed the most.

By Hettie

Roxy is a black black cat with white patches on her tummy.  She has two grey paws and two white paws.  Roxy is a girl.  My cat has silky straight soft fur that sticks out.  She looks like a ball when she is playing.
   Roxy loves me and my Mum so much.  Roxy likes to eat all the time.
   Roxy makes me laugh all the time because when she rolls on her back she waves her legs in the air.  Then she flips over on to her legs again and chases me.
   I love Roxy.

By Aqua


TeAtawhai's Omni-gym recount.

Yeh...the Omni-gym.  When I walked in I saw a trampoline, one little one and a big one.  It was so bouncy.  I jumped high.  It was exciting and when I was hot I drunk fresh, cold water.  I swung on the ropes and ran fast to jump in the foam pit.  It sunk me down to the bottom. It was so so soft.  I love the omni-gym!

Look at that concentration!

Congratulations to Isabella-Week 7

Well done Isabella - you are working so conscientiously in Room 12.  We are so proud of you!

Monday, June 10, 2013

2nd Omni-gym session at Onekawa


Friday, June 7, 2013

Congratulations Little Miss Elliott

Congratulations Hettie...You have been working so independently in class.
We are proud of you.  It was fantastic to see you receiving your Principals award at assembly today.
That was cool that Mum was there to see you go up on stage to receive your award from Mr Bremer!
Way to go Hettie!

Making equivalent equations

We had a lot of fun working out the combinations of sweets we could have in our bags.
The question was "If you had a bag with 20 sweets in (some of us had different totals)  What kind of combinations might you have.  We were able to choose 3 or 4 different colours to make up our total e.g. 5 red sweets + 5 green sweets +5blue sweets +5 yellow sweets =20 sweets.
Aiden is using the beans to work out his combinations.

TeAtawhai and Zach worked together to find out different ways to make 12.

"This is fun" said TeAtawhai

Caitlin was getting so clever she didn't need to use the beans to help her work out the different combinations.  She was doing it in her head.  Careful work Caitlin!

Clever Charlie was working out combinations for 19.

Xiarn was able to do this task independently.  He made combinations for 21 using 4 different colours.
Well done Room 12 mathematicians!