Friday, May 30, 2014

Bead Clocks

Here is a photo of us  with our analogue clocks that we made.  The bead clock is 60 beads that represent the minute hand. 

We used our knowledege of skipcounting in 5's to move the minute hand around the clock face.











Monday, May 26, 2014

Stick Insect

"Are you ready Room 12?  I have something very interesting to share with you.

Wow!  Mrs Chapman helped the Stick Insect out of the container carefully so that we could see how huge it was.  Clever stick insects are very hard to notice....why do you think that is?  Sophie C was able to explain that to us.  

Visiting Mrs Pinker

Today Room 12 went to visit Mrs Pinker in her mobile dental van.  She checked one of the boys in our class.  She said his teeth were lovely and white and she couldn't find any plaque.  She said "Well Room 12 ...this is a great start!"

We watched her carefully.

We asked her some questions.

She explained to us, that after she has checked our teeth she will send a note home to our parents.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Making our 60 minute bead clocks.

We used coloured beads to make our Minute Hand Clock.

We traced around our bead circle and made our circular clock face.

Here is Melissa counting her groups of 5 to check she has 60 minutes in total.

This is what we all made. Aren't we clever,

Serious bead threaders here.

Look at this lass concentrating and working out how to mark the minutes on her clock face.

Another lass in Room 12 showing perseverance.

One of our clever mathematicians talking us through his work.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Thank you Constable Chris

Thank you Constable Chris... you taught us heaps about road safety.

The children loved you!

Now 2 huge apples!

Wow....2 amazingly big apples for the teacher.  This will keep her happy for ages!  Thanks Chelsea!