Monday, June 23, 2014

More Great stories....with wonderful opening sentences!

Man it was great...Charlotte came over yesterday.  We made maps.  I got a package.  It had two books inside.  They had stickers.
We went for a walk yesterday.  Daniel cried for 15 minutes.  Dad had to get the car.  We waited on a bench.
Finally we got home!

By Lucas

Last Sunday it was my Mum's birthday.  My family went out for dinner.  The dinner was very delicious but expensive.  We also had dessert.  The dessert was ice-cream and cake.

By Ayden

What did I hear? Writing?....I love writing about rugby.  On Saturday we versed the Green Machines.  We won by 20-10.  My team is the dragons.

By Harri

Twenty weeks ago, a small part of the roof fell down.  My dad's friend called Allan is a builder and he's going to fill the hole in with wood.

By Mikayla

Stunning Author Oli

Man my brother’s been in the wars!!! because he has got bitten by a dog and then later he fell over on the concrete and he got grazes on his hands and knees. I bet it hurt at the time.
By Oli


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Clever calculators!

"I closed my eyes and picked out eight beans from the container.  I got 3 blue beans, 2 orange beans , 1 yellow bean and 2 green beans."

"I had to make my pie graph have 8 parts because I had picked 8 beans"

"Do you think I have laid my beans out correctly on my Bar Graph?"

"I was pretty smart at doing this!"

"I was very good at turning my pie graph into a bar graph!"

Friday, June 6, 2014

Fire Station Visit on PhotoPeach

Having loads of fun with the marble run!

"Can you help me join this piece?"

"Wow watch out I'm building"

Mrs C said "Wow boys it's a very noisy game"

Proud Father.

This proud Dad came to watch his fantastic son receive the principal's award at Friday assembly.