Monday, November 26, 2012

Congratulations Nick!

Well done Nick!  Look he is now sporting his new yellow belt!
Wow Nick!  You look ever so pleased with your efforts.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


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Congratulations Hudson - you are Room 1B's Principal's award recipient for Week 6 Term 4.  YOU ARE AMAZING!

Well done Bella

Congratulations Bella!  You received the Principal's award for Week 5 Term 4 in Room 1B.  FANTASTIC!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sensible vs Crazy

What do you think? Room 1A and Room 1B pose for a photo at the end of their school camp.
Wow some great looking expressions going on there!
What do you think?  We had a photo of everybody just before we left camp to return home.  

Camp Photo's - (2)

Nick said "Here we are all sitting down eating our lunch"
"We are just getting ready to start our bush walk" said Aidan.
"We are reading the information before start our walk" said Emelia
"We saw ferns and huge trees" said Isabella
"Here we are standing up measuring the tree" said Rachel
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"What a beautiful baby fern" said Henry.
"Lily and I were finding plants to match the colour charts"said Hudson
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"We stopped for a photo on the log" said Hanna

"Our legs were so cold" said Coltyn
"We are making buffer waves" said James
"Look at all the people having fun" said Rebecca

Camp Omatua - what a great camp!

Here are the parents who came on camp to help us....
Robert's dad Marc
Henry's dad Jason
Cameron's dad Dayne
Samuel's dad John
Emelia's Mum Natasha
Nick's dad Todd
Harriet's MumSara

Some great photos of our camp for you to view.