Saturday, September 21, 2013

Our Soft Toys

Our Soft Toys
Hey here is a little video showing all of us with our finished Soft Toys.  Thanks to Kerin, Libby and Carina who helped us heaps.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Yesterday we did a little experiment. We shut our eyes and chose a cube from the tray. All 30 of us chose a cube. We could have chosen any one of 10 different colours.
This is the pile of cubes we randomly chose

We decided we could see our results more clearly if we grouped them like this!

We pulled out 30 cubes 3 different times.  Every time we did it we got a different result.  We grouped our results into bar graphs so we could see more clearly how many of each colour we chose.

We saw some things that were similar.  Lots of things that were different.

Jamie was having a closer look at the bar graphs so he could make comparisons.

Tile Making

Today it was Room 12's turn to go to the hall to paint their tiles. Wow it was so much fun.
check out our photos.

Making our dioramas

Congratulations Aqua

Congratulations Aqua for receiving the Principal's award for Week 7.  You are such a happy and hard working little girl in our room.  Go Aqua!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Some great Cross Country photos from Hamish's Mum 'Kerin'T

Thank you Kerin for sharing these great cross country photos.  

What we are upto in Maths in Room 12

This week we have been having lots of fun with algebraic pattern making.  We are getting pretty clever at devising our own patterns.
We can even look carefully at our buddy's pattern and continue on with it!

Congratulations Clever Gus!

Congratulations Gus on receiving the Principal's award today at assembly (Week 6 Term 3).
You are such an entertaining and articulate man....we just love how you wow us with those big and clever words.
We are proud of you Gus!

Room12's Calendar Art for viewing

Hi parents,
Here is your children's calendar art for you to view.  I will keep the folder in our room if you wish to come take another look.
Order forms will be coming home early next week.  Please send your order into Room 12 (not the office) in a clearly named envelope .
Thank you.