Friday, August 22, 2014

Proud Grandparents

Today this little girl in our room received the principal's award...her lovely grandparents and twin cousins came to see her get her award. Then they came back to Room12 to visit us and say Hello!

Presentations 4

Why tigers have stripes?

How do we get our eye colour?

How do we see different colours?

Why do chameleons change colour?

How do we see rainbow colours?

What colours can we see in a rainbow?

Making scones with Nadine.

Today everyone in our class made their own scone. We followed the recipe very carefully.

We were using our math skills of weighing and measuring.

Lovely Nadine was such a patient and helpful Mother.

IT was loads of FUN,

Presentations 3

What colours are some flags?

Why does a Peacock have such beautiful colours?

Why do people have different hair colour?

Do you know why some animals change their colour?

How do we get different coloured dyes?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Farewell Nastacia!

It was very sad at the end of last week when we farewelled Nastacia.  We wish her all the best and hope she enjoys her new school.
Now Room 12 have only 23 children....24 was a nice tidy even number!
What a cheeky bunch we look in this photo!


Why do some animals change colour?

How do we make different colours?

Why do leaves change colour?

Why is coral different colours?