Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Congratulations Nicole

Congratulations Nicole on receiving the Principal's award in Room 12 for Week 4 Term 3.
We love how you are such a settled and focused girl in our class.  You are a great role model.We are proud of you!

Stage 3 - Finished Soft Toys!

Wow!  Here is a photo of 
all our finished Soft Toys!  We had such fun making them.  Many thanks for all the kind donations of wool, material, beads, buttons etc.,
A huge thanks to Kerin, Carina and Libby who came in and helped out with the glue gun!
It would have been a nightmare without your assistance.  

Soft Toys -Stage 2

Hamish's Mum and his little brother Oliver came in to help us sew and then fill our soft toys with dacron.  This was a BIG job - but loads of fun!
Oliver came in after kindy to help out with his Mum Kerin.  Kerin has been so kind and helpful.  

Monday, August 19, 2013

Stage 1: Soft Toy Making

Lovely Carina came in on Friday with her overlocker.  We have cut out most of our toys....and Carina sewed around the edges for us.
Next step is to fill our Soft Toys ....
Hamish is watching carefully because Carina is going to give him a turn on the overlocker.

Congratulations Kalani

Kalani!  You have been working so hard in Room 12.  We love how you are taking greater care with all your work.  You are also listening more carefully when you are on the mat at instruction time.
Keep it up Kalani!  

Friday, August 16, 2013

Congratulations Mia

Well done Mia!  It was lovely to see how proud you looked on stage when you received your Principal's award. You are such a great little girl in Room 12-always focused and always prepared to work your hardest.  We are proud of you!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Studyladder champions -Aiden and Charlie

Congratulations you two - you have both been so conscientious about completing your set tasks each week. We are proud of you!

Friday, August 2, 2013

No stopping this boy!

Xiarn now has Elite 3 status with his Studyladder tasks.  We all know Xiarn is the most amazing mathematician.  Go Xiarn.....

One of our children received the Virtues award!

Well done Kaitlin.  Your name was pulled out of the plastic bucket.  Thanks for representing our class and showing your kindness in the playground.

Congratulations Hadley!

Well done Hadley on receiving the Principal's award at assembly this morning.  Do you think your Mum and Dad are proud of you?

Look at that proud face!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Our Morning Routines

What I do in the morning before Hanrich
. I get out bed
. drink tea
. get dressed
. put pyjamas under pillow
. eat cereal
. brush teeth/wash face/comb hear
. pack my bag
. mum or dad drop me off 

What I do in the morning before Hamish
.wake up
.pack bag
.eat breakfast
.brush teeth
.get in car

What I do in the morning before school Jamie
.my mum stomp`s down the hall
.dad make`s me breakfast eat breakfast
.I get dressed
.get shoes on
.jump to my bag
go to school in my car

What I do in the morning before Kaitlin
.wake up
.open curtains
.get dressed
.make bed
.have breakfast
.brush hair/teeth
.bag and shoes ready
.studyladder for two minutes
.either get on the bus or Mum gives me a lift