Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some clever strong sentences about Shells

When I looked at the destroyed shell I noticed that the inside was shiny and the outside isn't because it has been smashing into the rocks.  The outside has cracks.

By Henry.

When I looked closely at the broken shell I noticed it was shiny.  I wonder if I turned the shell over if sand will come out.  When I looked closely at the spiral shell I noticed it was sandy inside.

By Aidan

When I looked closely at the pretty shell I noticed inside it looked like my clear nail polish and it was sandy inside.

By Emelia

I noticed that the shell is very messy.  I wonder how the spirals got on the shell.  When I looked closely at the shiny shell I noticed stripes on it.

By Coltyn

When I looked at the spirally shell I noticed it was very shiny.  There was a lot of interesting patterns on it.  I wonder if there was a crab inside it once.

By Imogen

When I looked closely at the bumpy shell I noticed that it looked like a spinning top.  It is very cool.  I also noticed that it had little spotty dots.

By Rebecca

Well done Room 1B - careful noticings!

 Here are some of our Beach stories that were published in Havelock North Primary's Tuesday Times last week.
What do you think?

Here are some photo's of Room 1B and their Buddy class K3.  We meet up every Friday afternoon to do some sharing and fun things.  K3 had an enormous bubble maker.  Check out our bubbles.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Making playdough with Aaron and Mrs Cameron

In goes the flour.  Add caption
Great rolling Cameron
Lots of fun playing with the flour.  
MMrs Cameron asked for some helpers to go and make playdough with Aaron upstairs in the staffroom.  Hanna, Imogen and Cameron were the helpful 1B children who went to assist.  Imogen even helped out by taking some of the photos.  Have a peek...the children said "It took a lot of stirring and kneading to make the dough perfect".  

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Softball with Grant Hastings.

This was our first softball skill session with Mr Hastings.  Alas! It began to rain as our class went out for our lesson and so we had to move into the hall to practise our skills.  What do you think of our technique?