Saturday, October 17, 2015

Inquiry - Changes

This week we have been discussing Liquids Solids and Gases.

We have been learning big scientific terms like Hypothesis and Fair Testing conditions.

Our first experiment was about melting ice -we had to decide and agree on 3 different places to put our 3 frozen containers of ice.

The 3 containers when they came out of the Freezer.
All the same size - all with the same amount of frozen water in them.

The first container we placed outside our classroom on the seat in the full sun.

 The second container was put in our room on a shelf  -neither in the sun or the shade.

We put the 3rd container in a coolly bag and hid it under a shelf in a dark cool corner in our classroom.

After 2 hours this is what we noticed.....
Container A was fully melted....Container B was 3/4 melted and Container C was just beginning to melt.

We were correct in our predictions.
Clever Room 12 children!