Friday, March 30, 2012

Week 9 Principal Award recipient in Room 1B

Congratulations Imogen!  You deserve this award.  You are such a diligent and conscientious little girl.  Keep up this great attitude.  We are impressed!

Early Settlers trip

On Thursday afternoon Room 1B went on a class trip to the Early Settler's Museum.  Gaynor met us at the classroom door.  She rang the bell and said "Welcome boys and girls to our classroom.  Please come inside."

The girls curtsied and said "Good Morning teacher".

Old fashioned ladies underpants.
The boys bowed and said "Good morning Teacher"
Look at these gorgeous school children.


What are you doing there Hudson and Samuel?

Emelia is listening carefully to the teacher.

Cameron is writing on his slate with chalk.

Who is this cute little boy?



"Here are the boys doing their handwriting for Samuel's Mum"

"We were reading the story.  It was about a boy who lived a long time ago" said Bella and Victoria.


"We had to wind the handle to make the butter.  It was all creamy and we had to wind it for a long time before it turned from cream to butter" said Hanna and Robert.


Isabella and Coltyn had a competition to see who could play the games the best.

"We were playing knuckle bones and they were actually bones from a sheep" said Nick.


Isabella said " Hanna's mop cap is falling over her eyes!"
"Look at Rebecca walking on her stilts"

"Who is this wearing the dunce's hat?"

"We were playing with the marbles and we were pretty good at it!" said Henry and Hudson.

"Look at me I am walking on the stilts."
said James.

"Listen to me everybody I am the teacher - you will get the cane if you be naughty" said Coltyn.

"I look a bit grumpy, but I'm not really I am using the sewing machine" said Rachel.


"Nick is concentrating and focusing on his sewing.  Henry, Samuel and Hudson are watching how he is doing it"  said Reuben.