Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wonderful Writing by Livia/Sofia and Felix

Off we go to the Rocky Shore.  I saw Hermit crabs crawling across the ground and red rock crabs scuttling against hard shiny rocks.  It was very chilly water and I was tip toeing on rocks and shells and my shoes were full of water.

By Livia

Off we go on the bus!  
I saw slippy sloppy starfish sticking on the rock.
Scuttling little crabs on bumpy rocks.  I felt soft starfish.  The noise of the waves was very annoying.  Crabs nibbling among the rocks.  
There were big rocks and little ones.  The sea was chilly.  The crabs had sharp claws.  Seaweed was waving and bobbing.  Crabs hiding under rocks-slimy rocks.  The water was freezing...but I had the best time.

By Sofia

Splish, Splash, Splosh...I saw a starfish on a rock.  We were at the beach searching for particular starfish and limpets.  Luckily we found all of them.  Most of them were black, some orange, less were blue.  The first starfish we picked up was...EATING!
The crabs made me excited!  We were walking amongst the rocks very cautiously, touching the freezing cold water.  Looking for starfish was relaxing.  I love the waves sound effects.

By Felix

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